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Organiaions & Clubs                                               Our Parallel Love – Horses


THE KENNEL CLUB                                                              Monty Roberts – Join Up

Irish Setters Breeders Club                                                  Aleksander Nevzorov

South of England Irish Setter Club                                      Lorenzo the Flying Frenchman

Setternet  Midland Irish Setter Society                              Horse World

Irish Red Setter Club                                                   Befriended & Historic Stables (PL)

English Springer Spaniel Club

Eastern English Springer Spaiel Club                                  Equestrian Workshop

Southern English Springer Spaniel Society                         Janow Arabians

Others                                                                                     Bialka Arabians

RSPCA                                                                                      Golejewko Stud

Hooley Irish Setters                                                                    Michalow Stud

Excusively Setters                                                                      Tara – a Shelter for Horses

UK Barf Club

Irish Setter Health

The Irih Red Setter
Pedigre Collection

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