English springer spaniel puppies from our kennel are called to live in a very thought-way. In the selection of par we put all our knowledge and passion.
We make every effort to ESS puppies from our breeding was characterized by perfect health and great character. We attach great importance to the socialization of puppies. Our puppies spend their time playing with our child and cats for hours, so they are well-adapted to new families. We introduce them also with horses, making it disappear fear of a large animal and puppies learn initially not to chase big animals. Bravely rush to the command issued on the whistle.
We submit our springer spaniels to evaluates judges on domestic and foreign rings with excellent results.

All our dogs live with us at home.
Each of them has their own favorite places, whether it is a comfortable den, or an armchair or sofa.

Our  dogs are in excellent condition. Long everyday walks, swimming in our ponds, natural nutrition help maintain this state.
Overall health and well-being of the future mother of the pups it monitored with special attention.
The newborn puppies together with their mother are under non-stop care (our sleepless nights).

Puppy leaving our house:
– is microchipped,
– vaccinated and dewormed according to the vaccination schedule,
– has a metric “Związek Kynologiczny w Polsce” (FCI),
– has a booklet of health, layette.
We enter the new owners purchase contract and remain in contact, always willing to help.

We make sure that parents litters born in our kennel have current clinical eye tests, towards dysplasia and free from genetic diseases such as PRA Cord 1 and Fucosidosis.
Price of english springer spaniel, coming from our kennel so takes into account the high quality, particular attention to health, proper nutrition, proper socialization, origin and “help 24/7” – whenever this is needed.

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